Maron Glacé

Maron glazed chestnut choux by Jamie Holme masterchef contestant

A delicate choux bun with a maron and chestnut glazing topped with a healthy portion of burnt honey diplomat.

72h Beef & Wasabi mash

72 hour braised beef with a wasabi mash

Tender 72hour beef short ribs cooked in a honey and soy sauce, served with a creamy wasabi mash.

Malted Sourdough Waffles

Smoked salmon on a bed of malted sourdough waffles with a sweet honey mustard sauce

Tender smoked salmon on a bed of sourdough waffles toped with a meadows honey infused mustard for added sweetness.

Baked Camembert & Focaccia

A slice of baked camembert with a warm crust loaf of bread with a balsamic and grape garnish

A delicious take on a classic dish this camembert sits in the middle of freshly baked rosemary and balsamic focaccia, perfect for a taring and sharing.